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TextNow Support July 3, 2013 Troubleshooting Issues

Check your area for coverage 

MiFi devices connect to the Sprint data network. You will need to be inside the Sprint data network, in a non-roaming area, in order to use MiFi. A Sprint coverage map can be found under the "Data" tab here.

Note: you'll want to look at the coverage map under the "Data" tab, not the Voice tab.

If you are in a coverage zone, but near a roaming or not covered area, please try connecting to the MiFi device in more than one location such as in your home, at a local coffee shop or park, etc. It is possible that the specific location you are trying to connect in, particularly if it's indoors, is inside a "bubble" in the Sprint data network where there is little or no connection strength.  

Reset the MiFi device

There may have been a problem during the first time setup of your MiFi device. If that's the case, you should bring your device back to the state it was in when you first received by resetting it and then try the setup once more.

Note: You will have to open a support ticket at mifi.textnow.com to request your MSL code before performing a reset.

  • Go to the WiFi section in your mobile devices settings app and ensure the MiFi network is selected, with a blue checkmark next to it.
  • On the mobile device, open a browser and enter as the website url.
  • Login with the password "admin" (without quotes), or use the custom password you had chosen during the first time setup.
  • Select WWAN from the toolbar along the top of the screen and then choose Diagnostics from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Select the Reset Modem button.
  • Once the modem has reset itself, perform the first time setup of your device once more.

Note: the automatic setup wizard may not automatically appear, you will have to select the setup wizard button in the admin panel after you've signed-in to it.